Concrete Boom Pumps



An indigenous solution that ensures faster completion of job and reduced down time. Available in lengths of 20 m, 32 m and 36 m. The boom allows quick setting-up by overcoming the necessity of cumbersome pipeline lying.

Key Features

  • Effective reverse pumping and reverse cleaning
  • Digital hour meter
  • Digital temperature display
  • Suitable for two axle chassis
  • Less ground space required
  • Anti Stalling Device (ASD) to save engine overloading
  • Remote control for boom operations
  • Pump unloading valve to shut-off oil flow of hydraulic pump during blockages
  • Maintenance friendly
  • RPM and output regulation
  • Water separator with display
  • High pressure cleaning pump with large water tank

    Product Feature

    Slave Engine design for Enhanced Boom Pump Efficiency.
  • Fuel Efficient, reduces per cubic meter cost.
  • Reduced Erection & Commissioning Time.
  • Reduced Installation Expenses
  • Enhanced Services Life OF Prime Mover
  • Enhanced Power Transmission Efficiency due To direct drive
  • Handy Remote Control for Boom Pump
  • State-of-Art Handy & Light weight Cable Remote Control.
  • Unit With All The Pump & Boom Functions In- Built