The equipment is warranted by the manufacturer against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months after commissioning or 1500 Hrs. or 13 months from the date of dispatch whichever is earlier. The rubber parts, wear parts, pipeline and electric components are not covered under this warranty. Manufacturer's standard warrantee clause shall be applicable. In case of replacement of warranty parts the freight will be to the account of customer.

For Diesel Engine warrantee and service it will be extended by Dealer of Engine Manufacturer.


The start-up, commissioning of the pump and training to customer's personnel by AEPL service engineer shall be for a maximum period of 5 days. Service checks after 250 working hours (or 2 months), 500 working hours (or 4 months), 1000 working hours (or 8 months) and 1500 working hours (or 12 months) are included in the above offer.

The service engineer's lodging, boarding, local conveyance as well as to and fro shall be arranged and borne by Customer.