Stationary Boom Placer



An indigenous solution that ensures faster completion of job and reduced down time. Available in lengths of 17 m. The boom allows quick setting-up by overcoming the necessity of cumbersome pipeline lying.

Key Features

  • 3-section Hydraulic Boom
  • 4 leg chassis
  • Remote control provided


The Stationary Boom Placer SB 17 has a 3-section hydraulic boom, mounted on a four legged chassis. Use of stationary placing booms can avoid the cumbersome process of laying the pipelines. This can ensure faster pours in less manpower, less crane usage and with increased site safety.

The SB 17 is provided with a sophisticated remote control system. Hence, the movements of the boom can be controlled precisely. Suitable safety devices are provided to ensure accident free and safe operation of the stationary boom.